General conditions of sale 


These General Conditions of Sale are applicable to the sale of products of Muradit y Asociados, S.L. (hereinafter, Muradit) via the online shop included in this web portal. 
The products offered are digital patterns.
The acquisition of products from the online shop implies acceptance these conditions as they are published at the time the order is placed. 
We reserve the right to make changes to our web portal and to our policies, including these Conditions, at any time. You will therefore be bound by the Terms and Conditions, Policies and Conditions of Sale in force when you place your order, unless their amendment should become necessary owing to a law or a requirement of the public authorities (in which case, such changes may be applicable to any orders that you may have placed previously). Should any of these conditions be declared invalid, null or unenforceable for any reason, said condition shall be deemed excluded and such declaration shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the other conditions.
Owing to all the above, you should consult these conditions prior to purchasing. Should you have any doubts, please contact Muradit. 

Scope of the contract

These general conditions of sale are applicable to all products (designs and digital patterns) offered in this web portal, and which are sold directly by Muradit, with Tax Code B-83254086 and registered office at Plaza de Riofrío 3, 28027 Madrid
The Conditions of Sale will always be accessible on this portal. 
Customers of the web portal who place orders via the online shop must be 18 years of age or over. Muradit reserves the right to cancel accounts and orders when it detects fraudulent actions or use in bad faith of the services offered.

Product information

All product information may be consulted in the respective product description. 
You should take into account the level of difficulty for completing the crafts indicated in the product description. 
In this respect: 
-       If you are a beginner, you are embarking on your first craft project or you have knitted few garments, you should acquire patterns with a difficulty level of “easy”. 
-       If you have previously made simple knitted garments successfully or you have moderate experience in making garments, you should acquire models with a difficulty level of “easy” and/or “intermediate”. 
-       If you have experience in making knitted baby clothes, using different stitches to knit them, you can acquire any design offered by Muradit.
Should you have any doubts, please contact us.

Purchasing process

To acquire a digital pattern, go to the corresponding product description and add it to your basket. 
Customers may create a user account protected by a password, which they may use for all subsequent purchases, or introduce their details without the need to create an account. 
The next step is to accept the conditions of sale and select the desired payment method. 
The customer will receive an email message confirming the order. The digital pattern can be downloaded in PDF format from the email message confirming the order. Acceptance of the execution of the contract takes place at the time of confirmation of the order and subsequent download of the digital pattern.
You accept that you will receive the invoices for your purchases electronically. If you are not registered, you will receive the invoice in the email confirming the corresponding order. If you are registered, you may consult and download your invoices in the “My Orders” section of your user profile. You may also request physical invoices from us by contacting us at the address given in these Conditions.  

Delivery of the order

The order is delivered in digital form and at no added cost. To acquire products, just download them in PDF format from the confirmation email that you will receive.


The prices applicable to the orders placed are those that appear on the web page at the time of purchase. These prices include VAT.
Muradit reserves the right to modify the product catalogue and the prices of its web page at any time and without previous notice. To avoid errors, users are advised always to access an updated version of the web.

Payment method

Purchases from the web portal of Muradit may be paid for by Visa or MasterCard.


Since the product consists of digital contents, not delivered on a physical medium, and since the user consents to the execution of the contract when downloading the model, it will not be possible to change your mind from such time.  
You will be advised of the above before downloading.


Muradit responds for the appropriateness of the product according to the description given, the normal use thereof and standard market quality.  

The Customer is entitled to the corresponding legal guarantees pursuant to that which is established in the regulations in force and the nature of the product.

Muradit does not respond for the purchase of patterns acquired by customers who have not taken the complexity of the craft project adequately into account or who have underestimated the skill necessary for its completion. Muradit offers information regarding the level of complexity prior to the completion of any sale, owing to which it accepts no liability for these matters.  
Any observation regarding the product received must be notified in the term of ten (10) days from receipt, indicating the full name of the customer and the email address from which the purchase was made.

Intellectual property

The creations sold in our online shop are covered by the intellectual property rights of Muradit or of third-party collaborators. The modification, copying, reproduction, public communication, transformation or distribution in any way of all or part of the materials and/or products covered by these rights, for public or commercial purposes, without the previous, express, written authorisation of Muradit or the holder of the corresponding rights is prohibited. 

Customer service

Should you have any doubt, consultation or claim regarding the product or the procedure for sale via the online shop, please contact the customer service department of Muradit by any of these means:

• Email:

Applicable law and jurisdiction

These General Conditions of Sale are governed by the legislation in force in Spain. 
For the resolution of conflicts, the parties agree to submit, with the waiver of any other jurisdiction, unless otherwise required by an applicable mandatory rule, to the courts of Madrid.
If you are a consumer and your habitual residence is in the European Union, you will benefit from the protection that may be offered by any mandatory provision of the legislation of your country of residence.
The European Commission offers a platform for alternative conflict resolution, which you may access here to communicate your case: