News of the arrival of a baby always brings great joy, as does seeing him or her grow. And if, in addition, Baby wears the garments that you have knitted, few moments will make you feel so tender-hearted.

With this in mind, El Atelier de Valena presents an adorable selection of warm and comfortable knitted garments for babies; sweaters, jackets, bloomers and blankets for you to knit. Garments that adapt to the baby’s body to provide warmth, comfortable items in modern and classic styles, in contemporary or traditional colours.

Each pattern includes the necessary knitting instructions and a diagram with measurements, indicating the materials required, the needle sizes used and the amount of wool necessary for this size. The patterns can be obtained quickly and easily, since these are digitally downloadable products. Just follow the indications in the How to buy section.

We hope you get as much enjoyment from knitting these garments as we did when preparing them!

El Atelier de Valena